About Us

We are family owned and operated, and devoted to the breeding and training of Belgian Malinios. We love what we do and are very devoted to our kennels. Our main objective is to breed the best quality dog for the purpose intended.

As breeders and trainers of a variety of dogs over the past 25 years, we at Midwest Malinois have come to recognize the best all-around dog as the Belgian Malinois. The versatility of this breed is basically second to none. These dogs can be trained to do whatever you are smart enough to teach them. They are limitless in their learning ability and learn more quickly than any other breed. Their loyalty to their owners is unconditional and they are relentless in their efforts to please. When the owner is happy, the dog is happy. Our Malinois are 100% heart and are very loving, devoted dogs when raised in the proper environment.

Our dogs have been exposed to numerous children in various circumstances and are recognized and welcomed on a regular basis at different places we visit as part of our socialization process. None of our dogs have ever shown any aggression toward children or adults, but when it is time to perform for protection, the dog is smart enough to distinguish the difference and will perform at 100%, but only upon command.

Our dogs are currently being trained in various fields of protection, narcotics, tracking, and search and rescue. All are doing exceptionally well and numerous references are available for all the above.

Puppies will be selected by the breeder for qualified homes and imprinted according to the needs of the buyer. A Puppy Questionnaire must be completed and submitted for consideration.