What an awesome dog! He is a great companion and a smart puppy. Only 3 months old but he has a high drive to learn already.

Assisting K-9 Security Forces with training their mals on my base, here in the Air Force for 3 years, has lead me to Midwest Malinois.

Everyone that has seen him wants to pet him. I have to keep them away because everyone is amazed by Chance’s markings and behavior. I have him close at the vet especially and keep him away from unknown dogs. I am protective of him because I know he will grow to be even more protective of me. Chance looks like he’s a problem solver and his ears point up, and he sits still, when something new catches his interest. He will be a great watch and guard dog.

He was born June 7, 2014. I named him Chance after his uncle Chance that Kevin & Joyce raised. His uncle Chance was a great dog that had a high drive and I did decoy (bite work) for a day with. Very protective and smart dog.

Even though I named him Chance, I have been calling him Arrow. Reason being, there is a marking on his tail in the shape of an arrowhead. He is learning his commands in Italian and is learning fast! Couldn’t ask for a greater pup to raise. Thank you Kevin & Joyce!