Maddie and Sarge

Maddie and Sarge



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Maddie and Sarge are 17 months old today. I want you to know the 10-hour drive from Michigan to pick them up has been some of the best time we ever spent. Here is a brief list of how thankful we are for what you have given us with these two charming Malinois puppies:

Faithful companions – I can’t go anywhere without them jumping in the back seat of my truck. I didn’t realize that they were also great lap dogs. I know some people don’t want a 70-pound lap dog, but sometimes Sarge wants me to have some lovin’.



Source of pleasure – I will just pause and watch in amazement as they run full speed around our 60-acre farm. They especially like hunting for field mice in the goat pasture.

Intelligence – It’s a real challenge since I think they are smarter than we are. They are eager to learn and I am spending time training myself and them.

Watch dogs – When someone comes to the house, they let us know. When we say, “Quiet, it’s OK,” they help us greet the visitors.

I can’t begin to tell you how much I love their companionship.

Bob and Sue S.

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Sarge, Rain & Hank