Trissa Ann

Trissa Ann

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I wanted to thank Kevin and Joyce for my new four-legged daughter. She’s very smart and eager to learn new things, with a very high, driven personality. Trissa learned almost all her basic commands overnight and excels in searching and hand signal training. She’s very good at both. Trissa is also very eager to please you, but still has a lot of puppy left in her so she loves to play a lot. She has a stuffed monkey as a best buddy and not once has she offered to tear it up!!!! I can’t say that about milk jugs or plastic bottles though! Trissa’s everything I wanted in a best friend and a whole lot more.

I’ve had the opportunity to get to know Kevin and Joyce and all of the dogs at Midwest Malinois over the last several years. I got to help Kevin clean kennels, feed and water the dogs, and got to know all the dogs on a first-name basis. Kevin is a treasure trove of information on this breed of dog and is very helpful with this when asked questions.

Trissa Ann’s mother and father are both inside dogs that live in the house with Kevin and Joyce. Keeper is the mother and LB Sam is the father. Both are very beautiful dogs and very well behaved. I got to help with the basic training of Keeper within a couple of hours (not days). She was sitting, laying, crawling, and shaking hands. (Truth!) I told Kevin that if Keeper ever had puppies, I wanted one and I finally got what I asked for — one of Keeper’s puppies. Sammy being the father was a bonus!!! Trissa has an inside voice and an outside voice. If you knock on my door, you will definitely know the difference! Now that’s smart.

In closing, let me say a personal thanks to you, Kevin and Joyce, for letting me be part of your family and all the four-legged nieces and nephews I know I have now at Midwest Malinois. And a very special thank you for my new daughter, Trissa Ann Slazyk.

P.S. I will try to keep you informed as she progresses and, again, thanks!

– Doug

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