Update: November 25, 2015

This is an update on how Hoku is doing. I couldn’t be any happier with Hoku. I had never owned a working dog before and with the help of Kevin I have learned a lot about the Belgian Malinois breed. They are a very high energy dog and require a lot of attention. Hoku is 16 months old and is 90 pounds. I can tell you they are very smart and proud dogs and they learn quickly. He is doing great with his bite work/protection. We have moved on to finding drugs and he is doing great! Hoku is a very protective dog yet is very loving to his owners.

We are going to get our second Mal from Kevin this spring. If you are wanting a great dog and you have the time and energy to train and love your dog, then a Belgian Malinois is the right choice. I highly recommend Kevin and Midwest Malinois as the place to purchase your dog. Kevin knows the breed and is a wealth of information on how to train and care for your Mal.

Terry & Marsha B.

hoku 20141026

Are you looking for a great dog for your family or yourself? A Belgian Malinois is a good selection. I spent over a year looking at this breed and when I decided to purchase one, I turned to the WEB. I found several breeders, but selected Midwest Malinois. I must admit I did not expect to fill out an application. I thought I was adopting a child. Kevin is not the typical dog breeder. He makes sure his kids (pups) are in a good environment and that the people buying his kids know what they are getting into. The Malinois are a special breed; they need lots of love and exercise. If you have never owned a dog with this kind of energy, you may want to reconsider.

Kevin has been great to work with. If I have a question on how to train Hoku, he is a phone call away. Or I can take Hoku to his place and Kevin will help me out. I have owned Great Danes for over 30 years and the move to the Belgian Malinois was a big move, but I do not regret it. Kevin does a great job of matching you with the right pup. I highly recommend Kevin because of his knowledge of the breed and support after the sale of his kids (pups).

Terry and Marsha B.

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