Welcome to Midwest Malinois … We specialize in temperament, work performance, and socialization. Imprinting is done on a daily basis. Each day has a different imprinting program, such as stair climbing, plank walking (8” above a carpeted floor), tunnels, ball work, tug work, and a large variety of different sounds and events to make for a well-rounded baby.

Please visit the New Puppies page for more information.

If you submitted a puppy questionnaire in regards to our last litter and were unable to get one, it is probably because the majority of the puppies from the last litter were sold before they were ever born.

Some of these puppies are already sold to people interested in the last litter. If you are still interested, please do not hesitate to contact us by completing a new puppy questionnaire and/or by calling Kevin at (816) 454-0696 as he does not use the computer.

Thank you for your interest in Midwest Malinois, Belgian Malinois.
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